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New!  Version 3.0

System resources (System) are areas of memory that are used by the Input manager (USER) and the Graphic Display Interface manager (GDI) for keeping track of all of the windows that are open in a session and for drawing objects on the screen. Each time you open a program or window it uses resources.  Closing an application should release its allocated system resources, but some software is not as well behaved as it should be and this release may not happen. If the free resources fall below about 10-15%, serious problems may be encountered in Windows such as crashing or freezing.

MemCheck Pro monitors and Optimizes System Resources.  Features include: 

New in Version 3.0

This will help you find out which programs are resource hogs and detect possible Spyware which normally runs hidden to Windows Task Manager.  You can actually watch your Virtual and Page file usage grow smaller over a period of a few days.  Constantly tunes your computer and helps eliminate errors and freeze ups.


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