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Battery Life

Battery Life is an easy to use program that allows you to manage, monitor and control your Laptop's Battery usage. The percentage of battery life left is constantly displayed. The battery's total time of the current charge and remaining time is displayed and updated frequently according to how the laptop is being used. It also displays a warning when life remaining reaches critical. (5%)  When charging the time left to a full charge is also displayed. The program runs in the System Tray using very little resources and options in the right click context menu include:

Display Battery Life and Life remaining.
Current Power settings are displayed with the ability to change the scheme.
Option to always start with Windows.
Instantly send the laptop into Standby or Hibernation.
Time left to full charge.

Battery Life gives you complete control which can help extend the life of each charge.

Running on Battery

Advanced Power Settings (This feature available in Windows XP only)

The System Tray icon changes according to percentage left to let you know at a glance about how much power is left.

For Laptops using Windows (all versions)

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