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Windows Utilities



Service Manager
Control all your Services and Startups
System Restore Control
Unlock XP System Restore Hidden Settings
My USB Menu
Add Menus to your USB Stick
Vista Drives
Vista Style Progress Bars for your Hard Drives
Cookie Spy SE
Manage Your Windows Cookies by allowing or blocking installations
Password Vault
Manage Your Passwords Securely
Password Reveal
Reveal Passwords Behind the ****s
WFP Tools
Replace or Delete Infected, Corrupted or Locked Files and Folders
Hidden Utilities XP
Unlock 200 Hidden XP/Vista/Windows 7 Utilities
My Recipes
Collect, store and organize your favorite recipes
Camtech Checksums
Verify the Integrity of Files
MP3 Tagger
Easily edit your MP3 Tags
Find and Replace Strings in Multiple Files
CT Pad
Fast and Powerful Notepad Replacement
CT Quick Spell
Quickly spell check words and documents
MsConfig Cleanup Utility
Remove Msconfig disabled startup items
MP3 Stats
Retrieve useful information about your MP3 files
Automatically create file_id.diz, license.txt and readme.txt files
Contacts SE
Easy to use address book
Quick Note
Adds right click access to Notepad
Split and Join Files of any size and type
1,554 Windows Error Messages
Encrypt your email messages
Verify the authenticity of files
View Hidden Information in your Digital Pictures
Securely delete files from your Computer
2,900 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Office
Database of over 3,400 Domain and File extensions
Create Reg Files
Clean up your hard drive and hide your tracks
Dll Orphans
Remove Orphaned Dll entries in the Registry
Add Sounds to your Favorite Programs
Take Screen Measurements and Get Color Codes
UnZip Me
Create and Extract Zip Files
Generate Secure Cryptic Passwords
Join MPG, MPEG, MP3, WAV and other files into one
Quickly Rename Groups of Files
XP Context Tools
Add useful utilities to My Computer and Explorer Context Menu
Camtech Context Tools
Add useful utilities to Windows Explorer Context Menu
CL-Tools 4Win
GUI's for Popular Command Line Utilities CDImage, Cabarc, MakeCab and UPX
MP3 Playlister
Create MP3 Playlists for Windows Media Player
Spy Chaser
Search Spyware Programs Database
Euro Converter
Convert Euros to Your Country's Currency

Acrobat Speeder
Speed up Adobe Acrobat
USB AutoRunner
Autorun Files on your USB Device
Unlock files and folders in use by Windows processes
Little Utilities
These are some of the small tools I've written for myself along the way to help with programming and such.  All are Free
Folder Drives
Use Your Favorite Folders as Virtual Hard Drives