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These are some of the tools I've written for myself along the way to help with programming and such.  There's no support or help files for the programs on this page but most are pretty easy to use and have plenty of tool tips if you hold your cursor over different areas. Some of you may find these useful. All are in an install package with uninstall capabilities and most are very small downloads. If you can use them, great, help yourself. If not there's always the uninstall option.  Enjoy!


Copy This Path

Copy This Path has been integrated into Camtech Context Tools


New Folder Here

New Folder Here has been integrated into Camtech Context Tools



Have you ever been to a web site or tried to read documents where they used a font so small you had to really strain your eyes to read it?  Or have you ever wanted to get greater detail of a graphic?  MouseCam is a free small utility that magnifies anything your cursor is over up to 20x normal size.  Win95/98/Me/Win2K/XP

Download     86 Kb     Screen Shot


You may have noticed that sometimes the Desktop and Windows Explorer start to display the wrong Icons for some file types. Running RefreshEm when they do repairs the Windows Icon Cache so that the proper ones are immediately displayed. It does not stay in memory, immediately terminates after using it and has no visible Window. Just click or double click the Icon each time you want to refresh the icons.  Win95/98/Me/Win2K/XP

Download       79 Kb

 Get Paths

Have you ever needed to get the full path to an exe or any other file?  Or maybe you have so many you've forgotten what they are and don't want to open them one at a time to find out.  'Get Paths' automatically copies the path to the clipboard and lets you quickly view both text based and image files.  Files types supported are txt, bat, log, diz, reg, frm, vbp, vbw, ctl, bas, bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, ico, tif, tiff, wmf, emf, png, mix and exe.   Win95/98/Me/Win2K/XP

Screen Shot                 Download  86 Kb

PW Cache

This is a password protected program that retrieves all the passwords that Windows stores for you.  Shows what it's for, type, user name and password.  Ability to save and print the list.  Will not decrypt passwords that are encrypted by Windows.  Win95/98/Me

Screen Shot                 Download  116 Kb

If you are an online gamer, you should be wary of the programs and install packages that even the best online casinos for US players use. Some have small downloads, and many of them uninstall easily. Full Tilt has a clean install package, just use the Full Tilt code CARDSCHAT to get the best, and safest program for your computer.


Most programs require the support of additional files sometimes not included in order to run properly.  Dependency will show you the dll's and ocx's as well as their size and location that the exe of the program is dependent upon.  Win95/98/Me/Win2K/XP

Screen Shot                  Download  95 Kb


Programmers and many graphic artists use Twips for screen measurement instead of Pixels for more precise placement.  TwipIt converts Twips to Pixels, Points, Characters, Inches, Millimeters and Centimeters.  Reverse order will also convert them all back to Twips Win95/98/Me/Win2K/XP

Screen Shot                   Download  92 Kb

CD Keys

Create from one to thousands of unique CD Key/Serial Numbers.  Use 25 predefined filters or create your own.  Each set generated will create the number of Keys you specify without any duplications.  Save to file and print.  Win95/98/Me/Win2K/XP

Screen Shot                    Download

Convert & Open

No more copy and pasting of incorrect/invalid URLs.  Convert & Open automatically repairs bad links such as h**p, f*p,, and converts back slashes to forward.  Removes blank spaces, link breaks, tabs  and bad characters.  Also restores missing slashes and repairs bad emails.  Win95/98/Me/Win2K/XP

The JavaScript used as the basis for this program was created by JohnC

Download                      Examples


This is a simple program for converting standard characters to ASCII code.  There are times when normal characters aren't allowed when coding in Html and various programming languages.  Chr$ converts whatever you type into the appropriate code for pasting into your document.  Win95/98/Me/Win2K/XP

Screen Shot                   Download 104 Kb


ScanZip will scan your zip files and let you view the files inside.  Gives information about size of each file, total, compressed and uncompressed, CRC  and any notes attached.  Also determines which ones are corrupted.  Win95/98/Me/Win2K/XP

Screen Shot                 Download   92 Kb      


If you enjoy our Freeware and would like to contribute to further development of Freeware products you can make a donation through PayPal.