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Unlock XP System Restore's Hidden Settings

Windows XP System Restore default settings use up to 12% of your disk space, creates a Restore Point every 24 hours and keeps old points for 90 days before deleting.  Microsoft doesn't provide any adjustments except for the slider where you may move it below 12% but any time System Restore is stopped/started/suspended or a check point is restored it automatically moves the slider back to its default of 12%.  This uses up an enormous amount of space unnecessarily that could be put to better use.  We only need the last good Restore Point or maybe the last few but certainly not one that's 3 months old.  Using the settings that are right for you will save Gigabytes of space.

System Restore Control gives you complete control over how it behaves with adjustments for;

  1. Set the maximum disk space used to as low as 1%

  2. Change frequency of automatic Restore Points to as much as 7 days or as little as one hour

  3. Change time to keep old Restore Points before deleting to as little as 7 days.

New features in version 2.0;

  1. Now lists all available Restore Points and Restore Operations

  2. Creates Restore Points

  3. Restores your System using available Restore Points

  4. Pause Control, for preventing Restore Points when making System changes or installing an application you trust..

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