Camtech 2000  
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Camtech Checksums

Camtech Checksums is a free utility for verifying the integrity of files.  A checksum is a value which is computed to allow you to check the validity of a file.  All files have a unique checksum and if you change even one byte in a file, and then run it through the program again, the result will be different. This is used as a way to verify whether a file has been altered.  Camtech Checksums offers two different types of check sums.  CRC32 is an 8 character string and MD5 is a 32 character string.  Some downloads include the checksum so you can check the file to be sure it hasn't been altered.  You can also generate your own checksums for later use or for sending to someone.  That way when they receive it they can check it to make sure it hasn't been corrupted.

Freeware for Win95/98/Me/NT/Win2K/XP/Vista