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Welcome to Camtech, author of Freeware and Shareware. If there isnít a price on the productís page itís Freeware. Camtech Freeware is developed for free personal use and is NOT supported by Banners, Adware or Malware of any type!

If you enjoy our Freeware and would like to contribute to further development of Freeware products you can make a donation through PayPal. 

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Program Name and Page


MemCalc DL
MP3 Tagger DL
Customize My Folders DL
Vista Drives DL
MP3 Playlister  DL
XP Icons  DL
Web Views DL
IE Logos DL
Scroll Clock  DL
Toolbar Wallpaper DL
Toolbar Wallpaper Pro  DL
Clear Desktop DL
Logo Factory DL
IcoFolder DL
CT OEM Changer DL
Fireworks Package DL
Icon2Text DL

Play Darts  DL
Magic Tomato DL
Cubik's Rube DL
Word Finder  DL
Camtech Slots DL

GeoShapes DL
Musical Album DL
CT Mystified DL
Black Hole DL
CamFlash   DL
CT Glass DL
CT Space DL
Camtech Binaries DL
CT Metal DL
CT Tiles DL
Mesmerized DL
Wondrous Works DL

CT Millennium DL

Password Reveal Pro DL
eBay Template Maker  New! DL
PassGen DL
Spyware Inoculator DL
Cookie Spy SE  DL
IE Buttons DL
The Password Vault DL
The Html Directory DL
My IPs  DL
Outlook Attachments DL
IE Restrictions DL
Code Rip DL
SpySites Plus DL
SpySites  DL
Link Trade Verifier DL
Scroll Styles DL
Status Scroll DL
PopUp Master  DL
RedirectEm DL
WatchEm  DL
My Links  DL
DunStats DL
Digital Pen DL
Signatures    DL
CT AutoClick DL
CT AutoSurf  DL
DunSpeed DL
StripEm DL
Multi-Stock Browser DL
Meta Tag Enterprise DL
MetaTag Creator DL

Service Manager  New! DL
Battery Life  DL
My USB Menu DL
MP3 Tagger DL
USB AutoRunner DL
Password Reveal Pro DL
Acrobat Speeder DL
Camtech Checksums DL
Euro Converter DL
CL-Tools 4Win 2.0 DL
Hidden Utilities XP DL
WFP Tools DL
System Restore Control DL
MsConfig Cleanup Utility DL
XP Context Tools DL
UnlockMe DL
The Password Vault DL
UnZip Me  DL
MP3 Stats  DL
MediaJoin DL
Digi-Info DL
Send It Here! DL
My Recipes DL
Validator  DL
Ultimate Startup Manager  DL
PassGen  DL
ReplaceEm  DL
CT Stickies  DL
RegEm DL
WinErrs DL
CleanEm  DL
X_Rule DL
Dll Orphans DL
Shredder  DL
RenameEm DL
AppSounds DL
SplitEm  DL
KeyBoarding DL
Extensions  DL
Spy Chaser DL
CT Quick Spell  DL
Contacts SE DL
ProgInfo DL
Encryptor DL
Quick Note DL

Folder Drives DL
System Restore Control DL
Using System Restore DL
XP Repair Install DL
CT RegKey Backup  DL
MemCheck Pro DL
CT Attrib DL
CT Attrib Lite DL
VB6 Runtime Library DL


We use and Recommend the following

Why pay for software when there are perfectly capable free versions of most of the applications you need? You could actually run your computer on free software and shareware alone Ė everything from essential office apps to poker training software can be downloaded via trusted sources online. If you are interested in learning about poker softwares and online poker reviews click here. If you download and find a good use for a shareware program, however, it is recommended that you pay a small fee to unlock additional features and contribute to the creator.


Turn your computer wallpaper into a Live! 3D aquarium.
Touch them, tickle them and even feed them




Any of the Shareware program may be purchased on the page for the program by credit card,  phone, fax or mail order.
Register Now! PO Box 1816 Issaquah, WA 98027 United States of America
Fax: 1-888-353-7276 (Toll Free), 1-425-392-0223 (International)
Or you can order by calling one of the following telephone numbers:
Phone: 1-877-353-7297 (Toll Free), 1-425-392-2294 (International)

Purchases for all products may also be made using Paypal   


PLEASE NOTESome programs require the latest version of the VB  Runtime Library.  Win98 usually has them but Win95 does not unless you've already updated them.  If you get an error message "A required file MSVBVM60.DLL was not found", you can update your system by downloading the newest version of the VB 6 Runtime Library  HERE


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