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MsConfig Cleanup Utility

Msconfig (Microsoft System Configuration Utility) is a small tool included with most Windows Operating Systems which allows you to enable or disable auto-start Programs and Services.  When you type Msconfig into the Run box it opens the program allowing you to stop unnecessary programs from always starting with Windows.  However it does not allow you to completely remove an entry from the list.  It only removes the check from the box leaving a useless entry in your Registry.  This is where MsConfig Cleanup Utility can help.  It scans the startup configurations and allows you remove any or all items that have been previously disabled using the Msconfig tool.

Freeware for Win95/98/Me/Win2K/XP/Vista

Download MsConfig Cleanup Utility


Note to Windows 95 and 2000 users:
Windows 95 and 2000 did not include the Msconfig utility but the ones for 98 and XP will work for those systems and are available for download here.

Microsoft's Msconfig for Windows 95

Microsoft's Msconfig for Windows 2000


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