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Web Views is an easy to use program that changes the way Windows Explorer looks substituting custom graphics for the standard Windows graphics.  When you view your folders in web view you normally see the Win98 blue sky or the colored rectangles in Me or Win2k.  Web Views comes with custom designed graphics to replace them.  10 each for the normal and hidden folders view.  Add On Packs with over 100 different styles of graphics are also available.



See How It Looks Applied To Folders

A few of the 30 Graphics included  for Normal and Hidden Folders


Registered Users get Free access to the Web Views Gallery of over 100 extra images.  Click Here for  more thumbnails  and access.


Download here


To purchase registered version click here: $19.95  Click here to get instantly

Purchase options at the above link are by credit card, mail order, phone, fax or call:    1-877-353-7297 (Toll Free), 1-425-392-2294 (International)

Purchases may also be made using Paypal