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PopUp Master

PopUp Master creates easy to use code for a variety of Pop Up Windows for Web Sites.  Options include Window size, position, and choice of adding menu bar, tool bar, status bar, scroll bars and more.  The PopUp can be loaded on page load, page unload, link click, button click and link mouse over.  Also includes code generator for PopUp Window close such as link click, button click, image click, anywhere in the Window or on a timer to close after x number of seconds you determine.  Each code generated includes simple instructions on where exactly to place in your Web Page.





To purchase the registered version click here: $19.95  Click here to get instantly

Purchase options at the above links are by credit card, mail order, phone, fax or call:       1-877-353-7297 (Toll Free), 1-425-392-2294 (International)

Purchases may also be made using Paypal