Camtech 2000  
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Anyone can easily create their own Screen Saver with an unlimited number of your own graphics and music.  Supported file types include bmp, jpg, jpeg, wmf, dib, ico, gif for graphics and mp3, wav for music.  Of course if you'd rather not have the music just remove them from the play list.  Options for both play lists are play random, play in order or adjust the order your self.  Automatically centers any size graphic from Wallpaper to your favorite Photographs.



Need Software for converting your CD Music to MP3?  Click Here


To purchase the registered version click here: $19.95 

Purchase options at the above links are by credit card, mail order, phone, fax or call:       1-877-353-7297 (Toll Free), 1-425-392-2294 (International)

Purchases may also be made using Paypal