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Top 10 Downloads

  1. eBay Template Maker

  2. Service Manager

  3. Battery Life

  4. Hidden Utilities XP/Vista/Win 7

  5. Password Reveal Pro

  6. My USB Menu

  7. System Restore Control

  8. Vista Drives

  9. Outlook Attachments

  10. Password Vault

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Welcome to Camtech, author of Freeware and Shareware. If there isnít a price on the productís page itís Freeware. Camtech Freeware is developed for free personal use and is not supported by Banners, Adware or Malware of any type!

Recover Passwords from Programs and Web Sites

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Create Professional looking Templates for eBay Auctions

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Camtech 2000 System Utilities CD

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Control all your Services and Startups

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Unlock 200 Hidden XP, Vista/Windows 7 Utilities

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Monitor and Manage Your Laptop Battery

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Take Total Control of System Restore's Hidden Settings

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The Most Realistic 3D Aquarium on Earth

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Get Your IP Address

 Using XP System Restore

XP Repair Install

   Ten Steps to Ensure PC Security



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